Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sushi Blues-The Only Place My Husband Will Eat Sushi

Sushi Blues is a hot spot for college kids, dates, or people looking for good (and most of the time) inexpensive sushi. The menu and decor pay homage to the greats in Blues. This place is not your typical sushi restaurant. Painting in dark colors, draped in Christmas lights, and not a Maneki Neko in sight. This has become the only place my husband will eat sushi at, so it has become a semi regular spot for us. Sunday through Thursday is a great time to go with buy one get one sushi rolls.

 He orders the same thing every time. First, one of their most popular rolls-The Wolfpack Roll. Crab, crunchy tempura flakes, asparagus, avocado, spicy mayo, and NC State red tobiko. This roll is good-the tempura flakes pop in your mouth like a Rice Krispy. Next is the Across the Street Carmen Roll-Shrimp tempura, sweet potato, zucchini, spicy mayo, and sesame seed. I love this roll. Before Sushi Blues, I had never had sweet potato in a roll. It adds a lovely creaminess to the roll.

This night I ordered the Big Count Basie veggie roll- Sweet potato and zucchini tempura, tempura flakes,
cucumber, and sesame seed. I am in love with this roll. Simple and flavorful it has become one of my comfort foods. I also got a spicy tuna roll and added avocado. It was ok, texturally speaking, I prefer my tuna in the standard strips instead of chopped. It gets mushy to me. The level of sriracha was good and the avocado I added cooled it down some.

Presentation is decent and service is good. Go earlier than 9:00pm, after that the Rihanna starts bumping and the place is packed.

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