Friday, October 7, 2011

Restaurant Review: Firebird's

We are doing well with our new vegan lifestyle. I've lost 10 pounds in the past week and a half (which wasn't the point, but I'm not complaining!), we both have more energy and feel less weighed down after eating.

Since we are primarily choosing the vegan lifestyle for health reasons, we did agree that we could have a splurge night once a month. We hadn't been on a date since getting rid of animal products, so last night we went to one of our staples- Firebird's.

Having several locations but still maintains the small chain feel, Firebird's never disappoints. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, especially during the cooler months. A beautiful bar area, roaring fireplaces, and a wooden lodge motif, you would hardly notice that you are sitting in the middle of the North Hills shopping center. Our server, William was fantastic. The kind of service you wish you could get everywhere-attentive without being bothersome and extremely knowledgeable. My husband selected a drink and I said I would need a minute to decide. He recommended a new Pinot Noir that they had, giving background on the vineyard, their recent award, and the characteristics. I took him up on his suggestion and it was perfect.

We looked over the menu, and when William returned he told us their specials for the day which my husband and I both selected from. He chose the Peppercorn Crusted New York Strip with Port Wine Mushrooms and Bleu Cheese Sauce and selected his favorite Parmesan Mashed Potatoes as his side. I chose the Panko Crusted Flounder topped with Basil and Roasted Tomatoes served with a Chardonnay Beurre Blanc, Pecan Green Beans and the same Mashed Potatoes. We, as always, split the BLT salad as an appetizer.

The BLT salad is always perfect. Ice cold romaine with chopped tomatoes, crispy bacon, candy coated pecans and a garlic ranch. They encourage splitting the salad (which is nice) and is the perfect appetizer portion for the two of us.

His steak was cooked to the perfect medium rare and we both loved the taste of the peppercorns along with the mushrooms. My flounder, which William told me I received the last one, was a perfect golden brown, seasoned to perfection, and had the perfect amount of beurre blanc to enjoy with the fish and to swish the potatoes in.

My ginormous, but delicious portion of Flounder

This was the perfect dinner. Part of me thinks we appreciate it more since we are only eating non-vegan once a month, but on the other hand the staff at Firebird's has never let us down in the past. It would be hard not to choose Firebird's for our monthly splurge. The size of the meal is in proportion to the cost, we never leave feeling it was money ill spent-not to mention service is always top notch.
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